Totally Obscure — Michael Penn

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Michael Penn is one of my wife (Donna) and daughter’s favorite musicians and yes he is the brother of Sean and Chris Penn (well known movie actors)!

Michael’s 1st album yielded the radio hit “No Myth) and was played incessantly at our home or in the car with Donna and my girls singing along loudly and enthusiastically. While “No Myth” was the only song of his that gained widespread airplay, his other songs and albums were all critics favorites, and continued to be family favorites,

Michael met and married Amie Mann (with her own hit — Voices Carry) while assisting her with one of her solo albums, They were married in 1989. Michael has produced music for various soundtracks and has produced albums for The Wallflowers, Aimee Mann, and Liz Phair,

You can see attached below some of our favorite Michael Penn songs so give them a try and enjoy!

Steve Whitfield/Master of Tunes